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About Me


Empower your team with Japanese Graphic design and Art direction.

It not only looks but also moves people's hearts. Add value to important projects and products.

Passion, fun, and love are important for design and creativity. I would like to continue to look to the future of compassion and design together with everyone involved.

Please feel free to contact us.

Field of design

・Graphic design

・Print design

・Web design

・Writing in Japanese

・Catch copy in Japanese


・Promotion Movie

・Promotion planning and operation

To help you

・Branding when selling in Japan

・Advice and help when using Japanese culture

・When creating a Japanese-style creative

Creative achievements related to overseas

・Movie starring / 簡嫚書[Jian Man-Shu]


・"ARNAUD LARHER" Japan Store Various creatives

・Japanese liquor branding, package design

・Olympic Candidate Promotion

・Rock star coming to Japan Announcement promotion

・Promotion of international festivals in Japan and France

 and more...

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